When it comes to managing employees' safety and health,
Every company does the same things...differently.™

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Health and Safety Compliance software solution

webOSCAR 2.0 automates and streamlines the process of managing employee- and company-specific health, safety and environmental data and requirements in a single, real-time system.
Companies and organizations in industries of all sizes, with single or multiple facilities, rely on webOSCAR every day to effectively protect their employees’ health and keep on top of compliance requirements.
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Why Use webOSCAR 2.0?
Efficiently managing safety and health, reducing risk, and increasing employee productivity is every company’s goal... but each organization already has its own process and methods! This configurable, web-based platform provides the RIGHT TOOL to accomplish this important goal - easier, faster, and more effectively.
Designed and developed by one of the United States’ leading occupational medicine physicians with 25+ years’ practice and consultation experience, webOSCAR 2.0 handles key health, safety and environmental data in one place. It replaces inefficient information “silos” caused by using multiple, disparate software applications, homemade spreadsheets and other desktop applications, and manual methods of data management.
  • Automates all employees’ specific compliance assignments, schedules, results and interpretations of trainings, medical surveillance exams, biological monitoring, respirator medical clearance exams and fit tests, audiograms, injuries, drug tests, PPE, incidents, industrial hygiene and more.
  • Simple to use. Almost anybody can quickly learn and use webOSCAR with minimal training or professional qualifications—reducing the need for or dependency on in-house expertise or consultants.
  • Streamlines actionable data through real-time dashboards, robust analytics, email delivery and document management tools.
  • Integration stack capability to share data on a real-time basis with applications such as HR, ERP, instruments, laboratories, and safety/health equipment testing software operated internally or externally provided by vendors.
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Increase Productivity
Quickly and easily manage employees' activities, results, and documents, all in one secure place. webOSCAR frees up time for more direct engagement in the daily operations of your business.
Reduce and Manage Risk
Eliminate errors, oversights, omissions, or late or missed compliance activities. webOSCAR prevents expensive, disruptive citations, penalties, and operational problems.
Make Data Actionable
Automatically aggregate and statistically analyze results, outcomes and performance. webOSCAR objectively measures compliance effectiveness and justifies investments that make operations safer.
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Companies' Challenge
When it comes to safety and health, employees are literally “moving targets.” Effectively managing health, safety and environmental risk is a data-intensive, dynamic, and complex process that requires much more than fulfilling minimum regulations and recordkeeping.
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Our Solution is Your Solution!
webOSCAR is a single, configurable, real-time system that automatically schedules, tracks, collects and organizes compliance activities, data, documents and tasks; and analyzes, reports, and distributes individual and aggregate results, outcomes and performance.
  • Incorporates and embeds subject matter expertise designed by top experts in occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene and OSHA enforcement.
  • A configurable, easy-to-use automated alternative to time-consuming, error-prone desktop software tools like Outlook, Excel, and Access—or manual paper files, folders, post-it notes, and checklists.
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webOSCAR optimizes the compliance workflow by automating repetitive tasks, and by providing built-in, configurable expert rules and decision support to efficiently and correctly manage H&S as a business process.
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How it Works
With webOSCAR, health and safety information is:
Managed in
Information is current, consistent, correct, and complete.
Information is available when, where, and how it is needed.
Information is quickly, easily, and securely recorded, uploaded, viewed, and outputted.
and intelligent
Information is managed according to the rules and logic specific to the business processes.
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The webOSCAR technology platform was developed by an Occupational Medicine physician with over 25 years’ experience providing medical and compliance consultation services to highly regulated, hazardous industries.
His insight into the challenges and complexities these industries face in achieving effective compliance, and the importance of this process to protecting their employees’ health, was his impetus for starting Verdi Technology and creating webOSCAR.
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