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OSHA regulatory health and safety compliance tracking

webOSCAR is our Health and Safety Compliance software solution

The Challenge
Companies and organizations of all sizes with OSHA, MSHA or similar health and safety compliance regulatory requirements or Best Practices policies have numerous employee-specific and facility-wide activities and information to manage. The sheer number of schedules, results, documents, and tasks generates an enormous amount of data that needs to be tracked, organized, analyzed and reported.
Applicable regulations specify the minimum requirements, but every company is responsible for its own specific needs and ways to manage this process and information. The challenge is executing this essential business process efficiently and effectively. How does your company manage data to optimize the business process?   More...
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Desktop software tools
such as Excel, Outlook and Access are useful for many business applications, but they are NOT designed or reliably configured for managing health and safety compliance as an essential business process.   More...
‘In-house’ solutions
for a single organization’s business process management is an expensive, time-consuming, and often open-ended endeavor that can detract or distract managers away from executing other core business priorities. More...
The tools above, plus paper files and folders
puts your information literally into silos. More...
Content applications
include software products and services that perform specific tasks and delivering “content,” such as safety training, incident management, audiograms, or respirator fit tests.   More...
Regulatory agencies (such as OSHA and MSHA)
promulgate and enforce regulations, but they don’t provide tools or specific guidance on how to manage the compliance process or data.   More...
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The Status Quo costs a lot more than you think!
In today’s competitive business environment, core business processes are automated— production, accounts receivable, payroll. Why? Because automation leverages information to generate profitability and mitigate risk.   More...
Spreadsheets and Outlook aren’t designed for managing the process of health and safety compliance.
Let’s face it: If you rely upon desktop software like an Excel spreadsheet, Outlook, or an Access “database” for managing the health and safety process, you probably are...   More...
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The webOSCAR technology platform was developed by an Occupational Medicine physician with over 25 years’ experience providing medical and compliance consultation services to highly regulated, hazardous industries.
His insight into the challenges and complexities these industries face in achieving effective compliance, and the importance of this process to protecting their employees’ health, was his impetus for starting Verdi Technology and creating webOSCAR.
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